Core-Mark Offers Complete In-store Analysis,
No Cost for CSA Customers


*Source: Core-Mark International
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CSA's Core-Mark program may not be available at every Core-Mark distribution center.
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The FMI was really a game-changer. Core-Mark reset our stores to meet NACS guidelines and designed them specifically to meet the demographic of the region. We're already seeing results by implementing the suggested FMI changes."

CSA member Ali Khamenehpour, who converted 24 stores to CSA's Core-Mark program in November of 2015.

Large chains purchase and analyze data and c-store industry trends in order stay on top of their game. Core-Mark knows that independent operators don't have the time or money to do this, so they created the Focused Marketing Initiative (FMI). The FMI analysis uses Neilson data to answer questions like:

  • What type of customers are in my area?
  • What SKUs are they buying that I might be missing?
  • Am I giving too much space to certain products on my shelves or walk-in coolers?
  • How does my pricing compare to the competitors in my area?

Your Core-Mark team will then work with you to implement the changes that are guaranteed to increase your profitability!* What other national grocery supplier allots an entire department to offering a free service to crunch numbers and analyze industry data specifically for single-site or independent operators? Core-Mark is truly a "Big Guy" that works hard for the "Small Guys."

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